Flaksator – testing noSQL DB and dictionaries storage

In the previous post I’d described interface for storing String Lists as collections. In the meantime, I’d decided that StringWrapper was not good name for that object, and therefore I’d decided to change it into StringCollectionWrapper.

In this post I’m then continuing with noSQL storage.

Testing StringCollection storage

I’d decided to keep shared data file as part of the solution (/Data/Flaksator.db) to be able to easily manage it using GithubPlugin. Because there are / will be several projects that depend on it and are located on different level in file system hierarchy I do expect to have problems with accessing it – or having to manage different, scattered configurations. While clean unit tests should do not depend on any external resources, current piece of tests (kind of integration tests, I guess) require access to physical DB. The problem is that I prefer to keep test projects in dedicated subfolder in both file system and solution. Therefore path to db file is different depending from where it is going to be called:
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