Flaksator – storing core resources in noSQL

As I’d already mentioned, I’m going to store all Flaksator’s resources in noSQL database. I’d already decided to use lightweight (it’s just package / DLL) implementation.

And before I start I owe one explanation to English speaking visitors. Flaksator is just a play-on-words: original library responsible for managing Polish flection rules I’d called „Fleksator”, from Polish „fleksja” meaning „flection”. Then, my – more or less – funny application that randomized brutal, blasphemous lyrics I’d called „Flaksator”, which differs only by one, yet meaningful letter from library name. The Polish word „flak” means „guts, entrails, bowels” in English. Pleas enjoy my creativity 😉

I know I have several types of resources in the Flaksator:

  1. Simple lists of strings (title verses templates, verse templates, song static elements)
  2. Simple dictionary items (translations, enumerations, word categories)
  3. Definitions – complicated dictionaries (mainly postfixes lists)
  4. Word definitions themself (will be covered in next article).

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