Flaksator – Introduction to song generation details

Well, I’m afraid this is about time to stop procrastination. As one of fellow bloggers suggested (thanks Andrzej) I’m switching this series into English. There are at least few reasons: wider audience, more ways to promote my blog and most importantly – to share some nuances of Polish language with English speaking people that might be interested in.

Well, where to start…

Song structure

Every song has a title. And then body. Or not – if it is instrumental one. So, first decision is to randomize that case – let say giving an instrumental creation a 5% chance. The fun factor comes from sometimes ridiculous brain associations on how such stupid title can be realized by only instrumental performance. See few examples and try imagining those tracks:

NAJBARDZIEJ SPLUGAWIONY UPIÓR - The most defiled phantom
WYRACHOWANI RESTAURATORZY (KABŁĄKOWATY KONIEC MISIA) - Selfish (calculated) restaurateurs (baily end of teddy-bear)
SPODNIE W OKNIE BOKU KLEJU (NADCHODZI PRADZIAD) - Pants (trousers ;-)) in the window on the side of glue (Here it comes the great grandfather)

Titles being stored in separate file (Titles.txt) and are treated just as regular verse (will be discussed later). Sometimes titles are being decorated with extra parts from TitleEx.txt to increase fun factor even more 😉
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