[Console] New approach to improved console in C# (part 1)

I’m back after a looooong time. I’ve been working on several tools, mostly on my console libraries. And I think this is the time when I can start posting about how to use it. Now, when base library is in the state that looks and works as expected and is almost polished.

So, at first I would like to thank Michał Białecki for hist Blog Post, that finally encouraged me to write about my console implementation. Mainly because it’s a nice improvement to the stuff he is / was working on, secondly because I would like people to start using what I’ve created 😉

Then. To the point.

Github for Console libraries is located HERE, please note, that there are many more components (projects) in that repository that I’m NOT going to touch in this post and are in much less usage-ready form than – so called – Root package.
You can also find some Nuggets on Nuget.org, but they are a lot outdated – they come from previous, differently divided solution. I shall soon update them and here in the post.

Main points that this root project supports:

  • Support for 24bit colors (Windows 10).
  • Color schemes support (soon importing from files)
  • Automatic adjustment to closest color (this was the first feature I’ve implemented, way in 2016… A long before discovering colorfulconsole
  • Fullscreen support
  • Easy configuration of resolution
  • Multithreading support (will write about this later)
  • Buffered and non-buffered modes (comming soon)
  • Support for improved colorfullconsole syntax (soon, if someone does that 😉

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